Whoever would like to use a locking system flexibly is subject to the heightadjustability of the product. This is why we have developed various components for a heightadjustable locking system, placing the focus on fexibility, high quality and convenient use.

1-191SL Rod guide with knurled wheel

Height-adjustable, with adjustment up to 8mm


  • Rod guide is pushed onto the knurled nut and can be installed therefore pre-assembled
  • Tool-less adjustment with knurled nut
  • Dismantling of the rod for height adjustment not necessary
  • Usable for studs M6 from 14 to 21mm
  • Adjustment range up to max. 8mm
  • RH / LH application
  • Rod guide with swivel joint
  • Clip-in swivel joint
  • Readjustment possible at any time

2-151.01SL Adjustable 3-point cam adapter with knurled wheel

 Height-adjustable, for 3-point locking


  • 3-Point cam adapter axial adjustable
  • Usable with standard cams
  • Tool-less adjustment because of the knurled wheel
  • Vibration-proof
  • Knurled wheel with M10 thread
  • 3-point locking system
  • Readjustable at any time
  • RH / LH application

1-100.02 Quarter-Turn with square threaded rod

Height-adjustable, available with seven inserts

  • RH / LH application
  • Square threaded rod 40mm
  • Grounding by grounding nut or clip
  • IP 65 according to DIN EN 60529
  • Quarter-Turn pre-assembled without cam
  • Adjustability of the cam by the catch for standard cams 2-151.02SL and 3-point cam adapter with knurled wheel 2-151.01SL

2-092 Swinghandle with square threaded rod


  • For right and left applications
  • Square threaded rod 40 mm for adjustable single or 3-point cams
  • Adjustability of the cam by catch for standard cams 2-151.02SL and 3-point cam adapter with knurled wheel 2-151.01SL
  • Readjustment possible with knurled wheel (e.g compressed sealing)
  • Pre-assembled without cam
  • IP65 according to DIN EN 60529

Precisely according to our motto: “pioneering, precise, personal” we would be happy to discuss how you can integrate our innovations in your application area in person, as well.